Treatment for the problems that the mobile phone receives

Prior to starting reading this text, remember that there aren’t any curso manutenção de celular for severe damage. The written text has an summary of web sites you are able to head to for technical help. The investigation centered on authorized dealers.

” Most consumers just who started to a site center to fix their particular cellular phone achieve this for injury to the display screen, either breakage or failure regarding the touch area response. Another fragile component could be the battery pack. As for the software, the needs are linked to not enough memory, persistent blocks through the startup or the execution of processes, “said Wilson Peña, an expert for the business specialized in repair of mobiles Lucascell. And you can not forget those users which, By potential for fate, drop your phone in water. This is certainly quite a crisis and there’s a varied selection of solutions and suggestions with respect to the qualities associated with the accident.

In the event that you possess an iPhone, take into account that there aren’t any free components in Colombia. Therefore, in the event that you visit an official dealer, such iShop, Mac Center or PC Mac, they’re not going to transform a certain element of your cellphone, but will offer you a differnt one in replacement. The alteration is only possible in the event that original components have not been customized. When it comes to an iPhone 5S, to displace it costs around 850,000 pesos. For the iPhone 6, 935,000 pesos and for the iPhone 6 Plus, one million pesos.

1. Screen break

Should your phone is Samsung, a number of the higher priced designs possess Mobile Care service. This is a guarantee that covers, for starters year, accidental damage fix free of charge to the client. It is strongly suggested to go to authorized service facilities.

However, if you decide to visit casual repair shops, you should know that, on many occasions, you’re going to be offered a common screen whoever quality is inferior to the original and can be costly : for high-end mobile phones, a display (Or show) costs between 500 and 800,000 pesos. Within the mid-range, the worthiness is found at 300,000 pesos. In the event that you simply broke the cup, it comes out at about 120,000 pesos, for the 5-inch device.

2. If it gets damp or dips

If it drops in sodium water or in a pool, check out dry the telephone by having a towel. Do not touch the buttons and change it off instantly. Remove the electric battery, if at all possible, the ‘sim’ and MicroSD memory. Check out deliver the device to an official service center where they will complete a thorough overhaul and a procedure may be done to eliminate moisture through the primary components.

Even though it is normally advised to drop the phone in rice for a couple of days (minimum 2), and there is research that oftentimes this craft method did, it’s a procedure which should simply be used being an interim measure and is useful in cases where connection with the fluid was minimal. Ensure that the rice grains are not also little. If so, they are able to clog up and affect some components.

Various other situations, it is suggested to make use of temperature, in circles, up to a dryer, making sure that the warmth will not concentrate on just one point on the telephone for a long period. In a few service centers located in Unilago an evaluation and upkeep treatment is carried out called “humidity control”, whose price is around 45,000 pesos.

3. Power Harm

Make an effort to buy an authentic battery to displace the faulty one . Before, discard other possible causes of the fault: clean the battery connections by way of a dry fabric or brush (do not use water); Discard injury to the cable or charger.

For small models that don’t allow easy elimination of the electric battery, use the equipment into the authorized service center. Procedures for uncovering and replacing batteries in devices for instance the iPhone therefore the high-end Huawei require the help of specific personnel.

If you opt to head to a casual fix website, general electric batteries are offered whose cost ranges from 20,000 pesos to 90,000 pesos . The value is based on the number of equipment. Although getting these electric batteries may be cheaper, its length of time and high quality are usually lower: ask for an authentic, regardless of if it is released much more expensive.