In this guidebook we want to discuss the main facts to consider when setting up a router in order to have optimum speed and also the best stableness and to make certain that all links are properly made to the Internet.

Each router is a environment and therefore it can be impossible to express with confidence where every section is situated in each version. In each section we will put some types of different models that can help to find the equivalent section in each different model, nevertheless , if there are still doubts and not the corresponding sections can start a query inside our forums in which the community will probably be enchanted help.

How to Gain access to the Router’s Web Settings
The easiest way to change a router is to get it done through the world wide web server it provides. This provides an interface attainable from any kind of web browser so that from there we are able to configure the majority of the basic facets of this.

In order to access the router we all simply have to enter in our browser the IP address of the same a single, which usually corresponds to the one of the gateway. To know this IP address we can open up an MS-DOS window in Windows and type:


Most applied passwords
Generally routers will be password protected to prevent illegal users by accessing them. If we have changed the password and do not know that we must obligatorily restart the router to the factory beliefs to be constructed, among other things, the default accounts.

In terms of standard passwords, the best by most routers happen to be:

admin as well as
webmaster / admin
1234 as well as admin
192.168.l.254 Login Admin
admin / 1234

If non-e of them do the job we should consult the manual or the sticker label on the bottom where they usually come written.

Configuring your router’s Wi-Fi securely and suitably
In order to avoid users out of connecting to our access point and surfing the Internet with this connection, we must configure a number of security measures.

The first thing to complete is opt for the type of security that we are likely to use. We can not keep the network open mainly because anyone could connect to this and each of our traffic may not be encrypted nor use a simple make use of algorithm that allows knowledgeable users to obtain our code.

The best option available in the security section can be:

When this type of security is picked, we can set up the pass word. Having determined a WPA2 security the password can have the heroes we want, the two uppercase and lowercase letters or symbols.

The more complicated the username and password is and to remember meant for oneself, the better.

Some access points offer the opportunity to set up WPA2 TKIP + AES. This implies that devices which have been compatible with WPA2 will use this sort of encryption to get in touch, but those that are not uses TKIP encryption, corresponding to WPA and less secure than WPA installment payments on your If all of our devices these can be used with with WPA2 and AES we must keep this option picked, without TKIP.

2 . 4Ghz or 5Ghz?
As for the frequency, in the event that our router and all the devices attached to it support the 5Ghz technology we ought to use this because it has many fewer devices involving it (the 2 . 4Ghz network is many locations saturated with devices that connect within a nearby location by Wifi to various other access points), offers greater coverage, higher speed and better stability, however , if any one of our units do not assist this rate of recurrence will not be capable to connect to the web, so that we need to configure the network to 2 . 4Ghz and find the least fats channel.

Most up to date routers have automatic route analysis so they themselves definitely will choose the least saturated channel to work with.

APPLE PC filtering
Several models permit you to configure a “MAC Filtering” that assesses all the MAC addresses that connect to the access level and enables or obstructions access in line with the configuration.

In the event that our AP has this function we can add to the “white list” the MAC contact information of our gadgets by configuring this blocking so that just those MAC PC addresses within the white list can be coupled to the Internet, departing all the other MACINTOSH addresses authorized) with gain access to blocked.

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